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Recipe: Salty donuts stuffed with cheese & more

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b11ptyaieaapoh8A few days ago I found myself drooling over a pic on FB. Then I clicked it. After that I yelled “I want one!”. As last I promised to prepare them. I am not re-posting the recipe cos, before cooking them, I thought how not healthy they were going to be, so I tried to make them lighter. I prepared them with totally unleavened dough and stuffed with healthy/natural stuff.

Recipe (my version):


200gr Flour (I used 00 type).

2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil.


1 egg.

Half little spoon of bicarbonate (it is the best solution as a sort of substitute of the leavening/sourdough/yeast).

25ml/one glass of water.


I used very small portions of: mushrooms, mozzarella (or your favorite cheese), onion (red), ham (but not in them all). Truly, you can put also more vegetables inside as tomatoes or carrots.

To prepare them you need very little: just a table, a rolling pin and a glass to make them of the same size. You can cook them in the oven or fry them with oil (I use soybean or sunflower oil usually), this part is all on you and your preferences.

They tasted fantastic!
xoxo from Sicily,