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How to title a coming out “album” (#music)

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Aura ConteIn my life I haven’t been just a writer, in different periods I tried the music path too (but without put in it much effort)… as a singer, a lyricist and a composer (Reverbnation).

In each of these times, I found myself with one problem in common with being a writer… Titles, how to name a song or an album?

It’s known, a good title is “that first impression” that may help a lot.

Thus, here a list of titles for a possible album (very ironic) for those singers who need some inspiration out there. Mention me if you use one of them, I may also support and buy your music.

Blues: The grey string, Morning draft, Bones and guitars, Bleeding cedar, Apoyando Love, Bones and chops, Tacet tempo.

Punk (indie): Di Caprio won an Oscar, Not your DiCaprio, The infinity of boring notes and awkward silences, Donde estas you?, Face… palms… and notes, Internet isn’t just for porn, Sparkle the jungle in your soul, Mr Potato is my brother, Superman is ridiculous and I’m Batman.

Pop: Immaculate pink, Heaven’s water (for a dramatic album), Sorry & Confused, Glassy notes, Unforgivable in you, Pills for heart, Tears under the pillow, Colorblind butterfly.

Rock: Slap and slurp, Rock Syncopation, Third Triad, Bitter backlash, Dirty dobro.