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Friday 17th, best day to buy a first vintage typewriter for an horror lover/writer

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Aura ConteThe first time I got a typewriter I was 8 years old. Yeah, already at that time I was a pain in the arse about writing, stories, books… Whatever’s whatever. Today after so many plans, years, clicks on eBay, Tumblr posts after each I drooled on vintage typewriters… I got my very first one, differently from the others my family owns, like my dad vintage one or my late grandfather Francesco that it has to be somewhere stocked at my late grandma house…
This one is mine, fully, cos I bought it and that beautiful feeling to buy something with your own money, something your heart loved for so long, it can’t be replaced by anything.

I got it in a vintage shop, actually this morning I had no idea I was going to buy it. I just entered, saw it and the shop owner, who tried it for me, typed his name to see if it still worked… his name? Francesco like my good grandpa. I love vintage, so, every time I can take some pic, admire or try to buy old stuff… Well, I enter in every possible place but this time I don’t know, everything came on together. Without forget that today is Friday 17th, in Italy and other cultures is an inauspicious day as the 13th… and coincidentally my favorite genre to write is horror! Lol.

It’s a Royal Express 10 (portable and manual). Supposedly produced between the 60s-70s (if someone knows the year, please let me know it). It’s a rare one since even online there are few as this one. It’s totally new, untouched, with the original fabric ink and still working. I got it for just €28… Odd? Absurd? Yeah, cos online it’s sold from 100$ to 169$.

The last typewriter fabric closed in 2011.