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Earth day: 5 “easy” things you can do today (and maybe also tomorrow) to help our planet

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arbol-primaveralToday is Earth day and we know how difficult is for many of us to not waste energy, respect our planet, spare on our not so healthy routine. So, here it is an “easy” list of gestures you can do today (and tomorrow… and the day after tomorrow… ok, always) to help our planet…

1) Use your charged smartphone/iPhone/Tablet but skip to use your home pc/computer/Mac or not battery friendly device. Why? Your mobile device is already charged, you can do everything with them, thus… you have no reason to waste energy using also your pc, notebook, computer.

2) Do not waste food. Eat salads, fruits and everything that doesn’t need to be baked (via oven, boiled, using energy.)

3) Do not waste water, this is the sexy part of the list: you live together with your beloved partner? Good, shower together (and have fun) 😉 / If you are single as I am: well, shower consciously closing the water when not necessary […] please don’t cry.

4) Instead than stay in and open all your home’s lights: GET OUT! Stay out, enjoy the world, take a selfie but turn off your home lights at least till 9-10pm. Yes, you can… and if you “have” to stay in, open one single lamp because that’s what you truly just need and not the whole neighborhood lights!

5) Have can a sexy and charming dinner: no lights, turn on candles, prepare a nice and healthy dinner not baked (check point 3), maybe lighting an incense as well and opening the windows to the nice spring’s breeze, meanwhile listening to music via Spotify through your smartphone.

There isn’t a planet B where our human species could survive,  we didn’t discover it yet. We need to take care of this one for now… otherwise, well, we are all going to extinguish.