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Beautiful and real women

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tumblr_nf0nmp0gnz1qbhipzo1_1280This morning, meanwhile scrolling on Tumblr, this pic got my attention.

As many, I can’t more deal with the absolute BS that this is being fat, this is not what I see in media, this is wrong to like or to be. They are beautiful young women and have beautiful faces. They are women and not female beings whom look like boys in preteen years… as all the women in music, on screen, journals we have to like (forced). These on the left are real women and how they should be. Their size in not unhealthy, this isn’t fat or obese, this is actually how a woman should be shaped: large hips so they can deliver healthy babies (if they want, a day) and with boobs cos women are not supposed to have flat chest as men and with bones exposed.

After just anorexic supposed women in my Tumblr dashboard, this pic is heaven.